SONTAL MARiNE Collagen TRiPEPTiDE 60 VegCaps

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Next Generation Collagen Peptides, delivering high-density Collagen Tripeptides described as the Essential Collagen Amino Acid Sequence. Digestion proof resulting in optimum Intact Bioavailability for Maximum Bioactivity at the Target Tissue Site. It stimulates Collagen production and collagen fibre synthesis at the target site where it’s needed.

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SONTAL MARiNE Collagen TRiPEPTiDE 60 VegCaps

Tripeptide fish collagen benefits:

Collagen Tripeptides inhibit the breakdown of dermal collagen and reduced wrinkle formation. Oral administration of CTP significantly inhibited UVB-induced MMP-2 and -9 activation.

Unique Benefits of marine collagen tripeptide for skin health >>> I want to know more >>>

  • Protection against premature photoaging of the skin.
  • Protection against the harmful UV radiation of the sun.

Primary Benefits

  • Promotes healthy skin
  • Protects skin from oxidative stress
  • Minimizes wrinkles and fine lines
  • Improves skin hydration
  • Reduces skin roughness

SONTAL®  Marine collagen TRiPEPTiDE is a nutricosmetic dietary supplement, that delivers pure tripeptide marine collagen to help restore depleted collagen levels in the skin.

Tripeptide Collagen is essential to your everyday skincare regime, the “beauty from within” approach to healthier, glowing and more radiant skin. The daily ingestion of tripeptide collagen peptides as part of your everyday life has been shown to stimulate the endogenous production of collagen, naturally increasing normal collagen levels. more >>>

 Marine Collagen Tripeptide

SONTAL® Marine collagen TRiPEPTiDE is a clean, safe, naturally derived fish collagen peptide powder with excellent bio-availability and bio-activity due to its low molecular weight.

Morikol® marine collagen tripeptide, as a low molecular weight, (300 Da) collagen peptide (LMWCP) has been the subject of a number of clinical and preclinical studies. Morikol® tripeptide marine collagen, at a low daily dose of 1 000 mg/day has proven to provide collagen rebuilding and anti-ageing properties to the skin. Morikol® is considered the best collagen tripeptide and the trusted leader in tripeptide research and development.

Collagen tripeptide vs Collagen peptide 

All collagen powders, more accurately “collagen peptide powders”, are not created equally. The mention of collagen peptide powders shall refer to high-quality researched collagen peptide brands. Branded and generic collagen peptide powders on the market typically contain less than 1% tripeptides.
The result is less than 100mg of tripeptide per 10 000 mg (10g) serving. Most powders only contain 90% peptides per 10 000mg (10g), delivering only 9 000 mg (9g) of peptides, this equates to less than 90mg of tripeptides per 10 000 mg (10 g) serving of the powder. High-quality tripeptide-dense powders such as Morikol® contain a minimum of 15% tripeptides, which equates to > 1 500 mg per 10 000 mg (10g).
Studies showing the efficacy of tripeptides as the essential amino acid sequence suggest a daily dose of 150 mg of tripeptides. This allows you to take only 1 000 mg (1g) of Morikol tripeptides per day to experience the benefits of collagen peptides.
If you then compare Collagen Peptides with <90mg tripeptides per 10 000mg serving to Morikol® tripeptides > 150 mg per 1 000mg you end up with a smaller overall dosage mass of 1 000mg (1g) which delivers 67% more bioactive tripeptides than a massive serving of 10 000mg (10g).

The below list of studies has been published on Marine Collagen Tripeptides (CTP). Clinical References:

  • Do-Un K, et al. Oral Intake of Low-Molecular-Weight Collagen Peptide Improves Hydration, Elasticity, and Wrinkling in Human Skin: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Study. Nutrients. 2018;10(826).
  • Yamamoto S, et al. Effect of Collagen Tripeptide on Knee Osteoarthritis in Humans and Animals. Pharmacometrics. 2015;89 (5/6):115-124
  • Pyun H-B, et al. Effects of Collagen Tripeptide Supplement on Photoaging and Epidermal Skin Barrier in UVB-exposed Hairless Mice. Prev Nutr Food Sci. 2012; 17: 245-253

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