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Collagen Benefits Frequently asked questions

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Collagen Benefits – Frequently asked Questions


How long has SONTAL Collagen been sold in South Africa?

SONTAL Collagen was established in 2010 and still has thousands of repeat customers from the early days.

SONTAL Collagen powder was the first collagen peptide powder sold in South Africa.

SONTAL Collagen was the first collagen powder to be exported from South Africa.

We pride ourselves on using the best premium collagen peptide powder available.

High Quality | Proven Safety | Proven Purity | Scientifically Proven Efficacy

Where can I buy SONTAL Collagen products?

  1. You can follow the Menu link to our website “Agents” and search for an agent or health shop closest to you.
  2. You can also buy online:
  3. You can visit Takealot Search SONTAL
  4. Leading pharmacies: Mopani Pharmacies, Van Heerden’s Pharmacies, Ari Nel Pharmacies, Wellness Warehouse and other independent pharmacies.

Which Collagen do you use in your products?

We exclusively use Peptan® hydrolysed collagen also referred to as “Collagen Peptides”.

Peptan® is the globally leading collagen peptide brand* under Rousselot’s Health and Nutrition segment.

Pure Peptan 2000 dalton low density, bovine collagen Type I peptide powder

Collagen Powder FAQ

What is Collagen? Native collagen as it appears in the body.

Native collagen, as found in animals and humans, is a triple-helix protein fibre found in all animals. It is the most abundant protein in the body and makes up 30%-35% of the total protein in the human body. For the sake of clarity, we will use the terms collagen or native collagen interchangeable when referring to native collagen.

It’s found in our skin, bones, cartilage, tendons, ligaments, gut and even our blood vessels and organs.

These triple-helix rod-like collagen fibres give structure, strength and elasticity to your skin, bones, ligaments, organs and other tissue in your body and are commonly referred to as “the glue that holds your body together”.

|Collagen makes up 30% of the protein in your body and is known as the GLUE that holds the body together.

What is Hydrolysed Collagen? (Collagen peptides or collagen powder)

In this document, we will refer to the bioavailable collagen peptides as “hydrolysed collagen” or “collagen peptides” or as in layman’s terms “collagen powder”.

The Human digestive system is unable to digest native collagen and therefore

can’t absorb any type of native collagen.

It is, therefore, necessary to “pre-digest” the native collagen by applying a soft natural enzymatic process to break down the collagen fibres to small specific protein amino acids called peptides.

Peptan hydrolysed collagen, also referred to as collagen peptides or collagen powder, consist of mono-, di- and tri-peptides. These peptides are not random but specifically targeted by the selective enzymatic process. This gives Peptan collagen peptides the unique characteristics to be highly bio-available, studies confirmed that 90% of the Peptan collagen peptides ingested are absorbed and used by the body.

What is Peptan?

Peptan is the globally leading collagen peptide brand* under Rousselot’s Health and Nutrition segment. Peptan is bioactive collagen peptides that have been specifically developed to deliver multiple health benefits and functional properties. Numerous scientific studies have demonstrated Peptan’s ability to promote healthy living.

What is the origin of the Collagen Powder?

Sontal only uses Peptan collagen peptides. (Hydrolysed Collagen)

It is a premium hydrolysed collagen, well researched and has scientifically proven safety and efficacy studies. Peptan collagen peptides are manufactured under the strictest international quality standards.

Sontal uses the pure Peptan 2000 dalton low density, bovine collagen peptide powder in all its products.

The SONTAL Marine Collagen capsules are of fish origin.

What is Collagen Type I?

Peptan is Type I collagen the same type as found in our skin, bones, ligaments, tendons and cartilage (Type I Fibro-cartilage and Type II elastic and hyaline cartilage).

Peptan is a high-purity, natural product, containing more than 97% collagen peptides (on a dry weight basis).

Peptan is bioactive collagen peptides, the hydrolyzed form makes them easily digestible by humans.

Studies have shown a 90% absorption per ingested dosage.

Where in the body do you find most Collagen Type I?

Typically, on dry-mass,

  • 75% of the skin,
  • 90% of organic bone,
  • 85% of Tendons,
  • 70% of Cartilage, (Type I Fibro-cartilage and Type II elastic and hyaline cartilage)
  • 70% of Ligaments

consists of collagen Type I.

What is Collagen Type II and where in the body do you find it?

Collagen Type II is mainly found in elastic cartilage and hyaline cartilage and is a weaker type of collagen. Hyaline cartilage is glass-like (hyaline) but translucent cartilage found on many joint surfaces.

It is also most commonly found in the ribs, nose, larynx, and trachea.

What happens when you age?

As you grow older, your body begins to produce less collagen. This happens around the age of 30 and accelerates in your 40s. This is part of the ageing process and visible signs appear soon after.

|This is all part of the natural process of ageing combined with our pre-disposition to diseases, lifestyle and environmental factors.

What is the direct effect of the loss of collagen?

Below follows a summarised explanation in easy terms but is not exclusive to these part of the body and the extent and severity differ from person to person.

                Your Skin

The most noticeable will be the loss of the firmness and elasticity of the skin. Fine lines and wrinkles will start to appear due to contributing factors such as exposure to UV, pollution, and lifestyle choices.

Collagen provides the structure in the skin, elastin binds to the collagen to give your skin natural elasticity, it creates the environment for hyaluronic acid to bind to the collagen fibres and provides the skin with moisture.

By losing collagen the skin losses structure, firmness, elasticity and moisture.

                Your Bones

Less noticeable signs will be the loss of bone density and the natural flexibility of the bones. Most of the time you will incur a fracture before you are aware of the problem.

Collagen is the structure of all the bone in your body. It provides a flexible framework for organic minerals like Calcium to bind to. The combination of collagen and minerals ensure strong, dense and flexible bones to reduce the chances of fractures.

By losing collagen the bones become weak and brittle, increasing the risk of osteoporosis and fractures.

                Your Joints

The demands of day to day life causes wear and tear on joints cartilage. This impairs the joints and causes restricted mobility and inhibit normal movement.

Damage to the cartilage and joints causes pain and discomfort. You become less active and lose even more muscle and connective tissue.

                Your Muscle and Connective Tissue

Your muscles and connective tissue (ligaments and tendons) makes up the unit that keeps all your bones in place, it provides movement, stability and balance.

85% of tendons and 70% of ligaments consists of collagen.

The loss of collagen has a dramatic impact on body posture, overall muscle strength, mobility and balance. This will increase the risk of injury, fractures and pain due to poor posture and balance and mobility.

What are the benefits of collagen peptide supplementation?

General Health:
  • Stimulation of hyaluronic acid (GAG) synthesis
  • Stimulates endogenous production of collagen
  • Decreases collagen fragmentation SKIN Health
  • Source of Protein
Skin Health:
  • Improve skin moisture level
  • Improves smoothness of the skin
  • Reducing the number of micro furrows
  • Prevent the formation of deep-wrinkles
Bone Health:
  • Increase bone density
  • Improve bone flexibility
  • Reduces risk of fractures
Joint Health:
  • Decreases Joint pain
  • Improve joint flexibility
  • Improves mobility
Muscle Health:
  • Muscle Recovery
  • Tendon integrity
  • Ligament strength
Recovery and prevention
  • Injury recovery
  • Surgery recovery
  • Injury prevention

What can I do to maintain my collagen levels?

You can start with a sensible collagen supplementation program.

Sensible means that you should;

  1. Investigate the brand you want to use.
  2. Not all collagens are created equal.
    1. Use a credible collagen peptide brand.
    2. It must be “hydrolysed collagen” also referred to as “collagen peptides”.
    3. It should have proven bio-availability of at least 90%.
    4. Use well-researched collagen.
    5. Use a brand with many years of research and peer review studies.
    6. Use “collagen peptides” with proven;
      1. Quality,
      2. Safety,
      3. Efficacy,
      4. Purity
      5. Use a brand with vast and credible knowledge pertaining to collagen, collagen peptides, collagen science, collagen production, collagen benefits and efficacy etc.

What is the dosage for optimum results?

Once you’ve decided on the brand;

For best results
  • Use the collagen peptide powder consistently every day.
  • Use between 5 g – 10 g per day depending on your need. (See dosage recommendations).
  • Studies have shown that measurable results can occur after 24 hours with 10 g daily dosage.
  • Noticeable results after +/- 12 weeks of consistent usage.

Collagen peptides are protein and forms part of your protein macronutrient intake.

It also supplies energy and is good for your general health and wellbeing.

What is the dosage recommendations?

These recommendations are supported by scientific studies:

For optimum results; Use CONSISTENTLY every day as part of your sensible healthy lifestyle.

For SKIN health:               10 g daily
  • It is recommended to take Vitamin C with your collagen to increase absorption and stimulate endogenous collagen production.
  • It is optional to take Hyaluronic Acid with your collagen to promote moisture retention in the skin.
  • Recommended SONTAL products:
  1. SONTAL PURE Collagen powder + SONTAL Vitamin C 60 Tablets.
  2. SONTAL Collagen powder C Berry (Contains 10g of collagen peptides + 100 g Vitamin C)
  3. SONTAL Collagen powder HC Cherry (Contains 10g of collagen peptides + 100 mg Vitamin C + 10 mg Hyaluronic acid)
For BONE health:             5 g – 10 g daily
  • It is recommended to take Vitamin C with your collagen to increase absorption and stimulate endogenous collagen production.
  • Recommended SONTAL products:
  1. SONTAL PURE Collagen powder + SONTAL Vitamin C 60 Tablets.
  2. SONTAL Collagen powder C Berry (Contains 10g of collagen peptides + 100 mg Vitamin C)
 For JOINT health:             10 g daily
  • It is recommended to take Vitamin C with your collagen to increase absorption and stimulate endogenous collagen production.
  • It is recommended to take MSM with your collagen to help with inflammation and pain associated with joint discomfort.
  • Recommended SONTAL products:
  1. SONTAL Collagen C+MSM (Contains 10g of collagen peptides + 1000 mg Vitamin C + 2 000 mg of MSM)
  2. SONTAL PURE Collagen powder + SONTAL Vitamin C 60 Tablets.
  3. SONTAL Collagen powder C Berry (Contains 10g of collagen peptides + 100 mg Vitamin C)
For HAIR & NAILS:           5 g – 10 g daily
  • It is recommended to take Vitamin C with your collagen to increase absorption and stimulate endogenous collagen production.
  • It is optional to take Hyaluronic Acid with your collagen to promote moisture retention in the skin.
  • Recommended SONTAL products:
  1. SONTAL PURE Collagen powder + SONTAL Vitamin C 60 Tablets.
  2. SONTAL Collagen powder C Berry (Contains 10g of collagen peptides + 100 g Vitamin C)

How should I use the collagen powder?

SONTAL PURE Collagen Powder:

Add one (1) level scoop 10 g of SONTAL PURE Collagen powder to 250 ml of water and stir until fully dissolved. Although most premium collagen powders are nearly tasteless and odourless, the subliminal gelatin-like taste and smell might not be for everyone.

Pure collagen powder is extremely versatile:

Most people add the PURE collagen powder to their coffee or other hot or cold beverage like hot chocolate, smoothies, protein shakes, diet shakes, ketone diet meals, milkshakes, cereals, porridge, pancakes, flapjacks, scones, muffins or other food you may prefer.

Sontal Peptan collagen powder is heat stable and can be added to your cooking before or after preparation.

You can also use the PURE collagen powder to increase the dosage of your other flavoured collagen supplements.

SONTAL Flavoured Collagen: Berry & Cherry

You only have to mix your flavoured collagen with water and drink it or chill it in the fridge or by adding ice.

You can also experiment by adding mint or other aromatic herbs to the cold drink, it is a very refreshing way to take the flavoured collagen powder.

You can also add the flavoured collagen powder to any shake, smoothie or food to increase the protein content and by the same means increase your collagen intake. Add to either a vanilla or berry flavoured shake to complement the flavour. You can experiment with different options.

When should I take my Collagen powder?

You can take your collagen powder any time of the day.

Some studies recommend that you take collagen powder in the evenings. The argument is that your body enters into a “repair and recovery” phase during sleep and rest.

Other studies recommend you take your collagen powder during the morning. Collagen peptides are essentially protein, a macronutrient, which is a source of energy and could help you through the day.

The recommendation is that you can choose when to take your collagen but remember to;

  1. Take the correct dose
  2. Consistently every day
  3. Preferably at the same time every day.

It is not an issue if you skip a day by accident, just continue the next dose as normal.

When will I see or feel results?

 Keep in mind;

  1. Collagen peptides is not a medicine.
  2. Collagen powder consists of unique amino-acid structures called peptides and is a protein, recognised by the body to be unique and the same as the endogenous collagen produced by your own body.
  3. Your body will use the collagen peptides as needed and determined by the metabolic pathways of your body. It can’t be forced.
  4. Your results will be unique to your body but it is sure to benefit you in many ways.
  5. Your health, diet, age, gender and medication will also play a determining role.

Studies show Peptan peptide absorption within 24 h.

Results will start soon after but you might only notice visible results between 8 and 12 weeks.

You might experience the results you expected but you will also receive all the benefit of taking collagen powder supplementation.

We would love to hear about your experience. Send a testimonial to

From what age can I start using collagen peptides?

In simple terms, collagen peptides consist of protein familiar to the body. Your body produces the same collagen endogenously.

It is not necessary to take collagen earlier than the age of 25, until then your body produces its own collagen and your collagen stores should be normal.

Collagen peptides is not a medicine but rather a functional food.

You may use collagen peptides from a younger age under special circumstances, you might be an athlete who wants to reduce the risk of injury or you might be recovering from an injury or surgery.

You can also ask your doctor or healthcare professional for advice if you feel you may benefit from collagen peptide supplementation.

When is it too late to start using collagen?

It is never too late to start using collagen powder.

Your body will always be able to use collagen peptides to repair and replenish your body.

We have customers in their 90’s still using the SONTAL Collagen daily.

Can men and woman use collagen?

Yes! Most definitely!

Collagen is as important for men as for women.

We have recently seen a dramatic increase in men using collagen.

Can diabetics use Sontal Collagen powder?

Yes, the product is 97% protein and has 0% Sugars and Carbohydrates and 0% Fat.

Can you use it as part of a Keto diet?

Yes, the product is 97% protein and has 0% Sugars and Carbohydrates.


 Blanket Recommendation:

If you suffer from any medical condition or taking any type of medication or specialised foods prescribed or recommended to you by your doctor you should contact your doctor for advice and guidance.

Your doctor can contact us for more information at


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