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2023 Knowledge Quiz

Download the TRiPEPTiDE GUIDE and find the answer to the month’s question.

March Question: What is the meaning of the word “Endogenous”?


6 x Carrol Boyes Mugs6 x Carrol Boyes Mugs
Knowledge Quiz 6

September 2023 “Master Draw”

All correct answers will also be eligible for the 15 September 2023 Sontal Master Draw


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Master Draw Prize

How to Enter?


The “Knowledge Quiz”


The “Master Draw”


All the correct answers from the “Know Ledge Quiz” are automatically entered into the “Master Draw”.


How 01

Add and save the Sontal WhatsApp number 076 926 1897 to the contacts on your phone and send a WhatsApp with your first name to register.

How 02

Download the TRiPEPTiDE Guide or view the guide online to find the answer to this month’s March Question: What is the meaning of the word “Endogenous”?

How 03

Send your answer via WhatsApp and receive a confirmation CODE within 24h.


How 04

The confirmation CODE is your 10% Sontal Discount code for purchasing SONTAL Collagen Tripeptide Capsules online.


How 05

All participants will be notified of the Winner by WhatsApp broadcast.


How 06

We will contact the winner to confirm personal details and delivery address.


  1. Anybody can participate in the “Knowledge Quiz”.
  2. Only the entries sent to the Sontal WhatsApp nr. 076 926 1897 will be accepted.
  3. Only 1 entry per person per month will be accepted.
  4. Every entry will receive a confirmation CODE. The code serves as a receipt confirmation of your answer.
  5. The CODE also qualifies as a 10% discount code for the online purchase of SONTAL Collagen Tripeptide Capsules.
  6. There will only be one winner per calendar month during the valid period of the “Knowledge Quiz”.
  7. Knowledge Quiz’s valid period is from March 2023 to August 2023.
  8. All correct answers for the specific month will be considered for the prize for that month.
  9. All correct answers over the 6 months will automatically qualify and be entered into the September 2023 “Master Draw”.
  10. The Quiz Draw will take place at 24:00 on the last day of the particular month.
  11. The winner will be informed directly by WhatsApp and WhatsApp broadcast to all participants.
  12. The winner must acknowledge the receipt of notification and supply accurate details for delivery. 
  13. The prize will be sent to the winner within 7 days after the draw.

March Question: What is the meaning of the word “Endogenous”?