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Collagen POWDER

Healthy Joint pack

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Collagen, Joint, Health Pain MSM

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Rejuvenate your body & skin

Turn back the time on your body clock starting today.
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Increase your bone strength

Regain bone density and strength, maintain joint flexibility.
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Maintain your fitness

Stay physically active and keep your body in tip-top shape.
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Enhance your health

Promote overall, long-term mental and physical well-being.
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Collagen POWDER

Collagen Powder Range

Our Client Testimonials

Sontal Collagen Powder Owner

Looking back on 10 years

SONTAL® Lifestyle Nutrition was founded in 2010 to represent our premium collagen powder product range.

Because it is my birth name it represents my passion and values. Focusing on the needs of the consumer, offering a safe, high-quality product with evidence-based efficacy through science. My biggest enjoyment is listening to our consumers sharing their stories about the positive impact SONTAL collagen has on their lives, may it be their health or quality of life in general.

I let them tell their own stories, sometimes life changing and sometimes just knowing the value of looking after their bodies. Most I see as friends and not only customers, having a few hundred patrons still using SONTAL from the beginning, since 2010, enjoying the benefits for more than 10 years.
The people supporting SONTAL is the brand. Their support and testimony is proof of value.

I am thanking each one for making it possible to supply 7.3 million servings to the South African market during the past 10 years, improving “quality of life

Elmarie Esterhuyse

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