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Do you have wrinkles on the face?

The appearance of wrinkles on the face and neck is part of the ageing process, but there are ways to prevent and reduce wrinkles and prevent environmental factors from aiding in the intrinsic ageing process.



Collagen Tripeptide is the essential molecule in all collagen products and is the actual bioactive component which not only Stimulates the production of new collagen, but acts as the very building blocks to repair damaged collagen fibers.

Sontal Bioactive Marine Collagen Tripeptide Capsules deliver 15 x higher Tripeptide density than 10g of collagen powder and 18 x more than any other collagen capsule.

Sontal Marine Collagen

*TRiPEPTiDE dense Nutritional Bioactive
Collagen Peptides

sontal sontide tripeptide marine collagen
premature ageing of the skin

Your skin starts to age ....

…..  from the moment it is exposed to UV radiation from the Sun or from other environmental sources.

Photoaging is regarded as the Primary cause of Premature ageing of the Skin

Premature skin ageing refers to the ageing process not associated with natural intrinsic ageing, but rather the ageing due to exposure to UV Radiation.

UV Effect on Skin

Signs of Photoaging Skin.

Fine & Coarse Wrinkles, Dryness and Roughness.

You will only start seeing the damaging effect of
photoaging by the time you’ve reached your mid 30’s and
the signs will become more visual during your early 40’s.

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Collagen Tripeptide

Collagen Tripeptide are referred to as the “ESSENTIAL AMINO ACID SEQUENCE“, this is the unique amino acid sequence that is essential for the formation of all collagen molecules and is unique to collagen.

Sontal Marine Collagen

*TRiPEPTiDE dense Nutritional Bioactive
Collagen Peptides

*Collagen Tripeptides are inherently bio-available and more importantly, bio-active, the essential amino acid sequence!

sontal sontide tripeptide marine collagen

Benefits of TRiPEPTiDE Collagen

Collagen Tripeptide, the essential amino acid sequence, help protects the skin by reducing the production of MMPs (collagen digesting enzymes) produced from sun-exposed keratinocytes.

UV Protection

Collagen Tripeptide, the essential amino acid sequence, help protects the skin by reducing the production of MMPs (collagen digesting enzymes) produced from sun-exposed keratinocytes.

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Collagen supplementation, especially tripeptide not only stimulates healthy collagen production through fibroblast but also elastin. Give your skin its bounce back!

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Smooth and hydrated skin promotes better blood flow through the fine capillaries in the skin resulting in healthy glowing skin.

SONTAL Benefits Hydration Icon Text TRNS BG

Healthier collagen fibres provide higher number of binding points for hyaluronic acid thus increasing skin hydration. Hydrated skin looks firm and healthy.

Skin Smoothness

A holistic healthy skin, strong intact collagen fibres and elastin properties not only support lift and elasticity but may also improve the smoothness of the skin.

Skin Lift

Healthier and stronger collagen fibres maintain and improve skin structure, therefore providing the firmness and structure to the skin, minimising the forming of fine and course lines.

Stimulate Collagen Production!

The Science

do collagen peptides work

**Collagen Tripeptide inhibits the breakdown of dermal collagen and reduced wrinkle formation.

Oral administration of CTP significantly inhibited UVB-induced MMP-2 and -9 activation.

Sontal Marine TRiPEPTiDE capsules contain patented **Morikol® Marine Collagen Peptides, providing more than >15% CTP equal to 150 mg of unique tripeptide per dosage of two capsules per day.

**Morikol® the registered trademark of Dolcas Biotech, LLC USA

Morikol®, as a low molecular weight collagen peptide (LMWCP)(300 Da) has been the subject of several clinical and preclinical studies. Morikol® collagen tripeptide, at a low daily dose of 1 000 mg/day have proven to provide collagen rebuilding and anti-ageing properties to the skin.

The below list of studies has been published on Morikol®.

Clinical References:.

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