Collagen Benefits for Hair

What are the collagen benefits for hair?

While collagen is known for promoting stronger and healthier hair, there has been no scientific assessment of these beauty benefits until now. 

Peptan collagen 13% Hair

This new study evaluated the characteristics of hair using a texturometer before and after Peptan supplementation clearly demonstrating an increase of the mechanical strength of the hair by 13% in the Peptan group compared to the placebo group. Mechanical strength is linked to improved properties of the hair cortex, which can be especially beneficial for ageing hair.

To investigate the effect of Peptan on hair properties, the break force of the hair of trial participants was measured using a special
texture analyzer system. After supplementation with Peptan, the womens’ hair break stress values showed a statistically significant increase, which was not present in the control group. Such results show that oral Peptan collagen peptide supplementation strengthens the hair. That can be especially important for ageing hair, which is thinner and weaker than in younger people.

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New Clinical Study Confirms Peptan Efficacy For Skin Beauty And Hair Strength