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Collagen Hydrolyzing Illustration Sqr

What is collagen?

Collagen is the fiber that holds the body together

Collagen is the body’s most important building block and it makes up approximately 30% of the proteins in our bodies. Collagen is the key structural protein that ensures the cohesion, elasticity and regeneration of all our connective tissues, including skin, tendons, ligaments, cartilage and bones. In essence, collagen is strong and flexible and is the ‘glue’ that holds everything together. It strengthens various body structures as well the integrity of our skin. There are many different types of collagen in our body, but 80 to 90 percent of them belong to Type I, II or III, with the majority, about 70%, being Type I collagen. Type I collagen fibrils have enormous tensile strength. This means they can be stretched without being broken.

Different cells in our body tissues are responsible for the production of collagen. The cells use specific amino acids and peptides as building blocks for the production of the large collagen helix structure. This is then organized into the strong fibers that provide structural tissue support, flexibility and the ability to withstand forces.

What are collagen peptides?


Collagen peptides are small bioactive peptides obtained by enzymatically hydrolysis of collagen, in other words, the breaking down of the molecular bonds between individual collagen strands to peptides. Hydrolysis reduces collagen protein fibrils of about 300 – 400kDa into smaller peptides with a molecular weight of lower than 5000Da. Collagen peptides are also known as hydrolyzed collagen or collagen hydrolysate.

The much smaller and easily digestible collagen peptides are produced by controlled enzymatic hydrolysis

Collagen Hydrolyzing Illustration Sqr
Collagen Distribution in the body

Distribution of collagen Type I in the human body:

  • 90% of protein in the body is collagen
  • 70% of collagen in the body is collagen Type I
  • 75% of skin dry mass is collagen Type I
  • 90% of organic bone mass is collagen Type I
  • 70% of ligament mass is collagen Type I

SONTAL Bioactive Peptan® Hydrolyzed Collagen C Berry 330g

SONTAL Bioactive Peptan® Hydrolyzed Collagen C Type 1 Peptides, the bioactive ingredient for rejuvenation and hydration of the skin and body

Research has confirmed how collagen peptides help strengthen and rejuvenate the deeper skin layers from within, maintaining the cohesive and dense collagen network that is key to preventing wrinkles and sagging. Peptan collagen peptides also have a significant effect on skin hydration. Maintaining a well-hydrated skin is crucial for a smooth, healthy-looking skin and prevents the formation of micro relief wrinkles. In this section, we invite you to take a closer look at the science behind skin beauty.1 Ref.

Format: Powder

Net Mass: 330 g
Serving size: 10 g – 11 g – Typically 10g of Peptan®

Servings per container: 30
Category: Food Supplement

Added Vitamin C:

Scientific studies have shown that not much else is needed to optimize the dietary collagen. The addition of Vitamin C directly assist the production of endogenous collagen.

SONTAL Bioactive Collagen C contains Peptan® Hydrolyzed Collagen Type 1 Peptides

Peptan® Collagen Country of Origin: France.

Peptan® is a registered trademark of Rousselot a Darling Ingredients company.

Peptan® is a natural, bioactive protein carrying GRAS status (Generally Recognized as Safe, under the USA’s Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act).

Safety | Quality | Health

  • Safe | GRASS Certified
  • Natural Enzymatic Hydrolysis Process
  • Scientifically Based | 30 years of scientific studies
  • Proven Efficacy
  • Highest Quality Standards
  • Grass-fed Herds
  • Hormone FREE
  • Pesticide FREE
  • Antibiotic FREE
  • Veterinary Product FREE
  • NON-Irradiated
  • Excellent Absorption
  • 90% Bioavailable
  • 90% Digestible
  • 97% Protein on dry base

Distribution of collagen Type I in the human body:

  • 70% of protein in the body is collagen
  • 70% of collagen in the body is collagen Type I
  • 75% of skin dry mass is collagen Type I
  • 90% of organic bone mass is collagen Type I
  • 70% of ligament mass is collagen Type I

Scientific studies:

  1. Asserin, J. et al., 2015, The effect of oral collagen peptied supplementation on skin moisture and the dermal collagen network: evidence from an ex vivo model and randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trials. Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, 14:291-301. doi: 10.1111/jocd.12174