3Gen Pure Collagen Powder Products

Sontal Nutricosmetics was the first ever hydrolysed Pure Collagen Powder on the South African market. (also known as hydrolysed collagen or collagen peptides). (Since 2010) Even preceding the top international brands. 

As with all leaders, many other brands followed the trend and start selling Pure Collagen powder. Long before this Sontal understood that collagen powder does not miraculously build new collagen structures, targeting the specific areas the consumer “wishes” for.

3Gen Collagen powder is more a holistic approached than an actual special form of collagen. Some collagen product such as SONTAL Collagen C with added vitamin C and SONTAL Collagen HC with added vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid or SONTAL Marine Collagen capsules with added Vitamin C, Hyaluronic acid, Vitamin A, Co-enzyme Q10 and Biotin.

About Sontal Pure Collagen Powder

Sontal Pure Peptan Collagen Powder

This product only contains Peptan Pure Collagen Powder, with no additives or fillers. Pure bovine Peptan hydrolysed collagen peptides.

One scoop contains 10 g of collagen peptides to be taken once a day.

3Gen Collagen Powder approach

For the “collagen powder”, or more accurately, “Collagen Peptides” to  actually work effectively; you need the following characteristics:

  1. It has to be sourced from a reputable manufacturer,
  2. It has to be safe for human use,
  3. It has to be of impeccable quality,
  4. It has to have evidence-based efficacy,
  5. It has to have clinically proven bioavailability of at least 90%,
  6. And most importantly, for collagen powder, peptides or hydrolysed collagen not to be just another protein powder, it has to have adequate amounts of targeted di-peptides and tri-peptides specifically for the purpose of building new collagen fibres. 

It does not end here, there are other factors which play a critical role in if and how effectively the body utilizes the peptides in building new collagen fibres.

The main culprits;

  1. Oxidative stress
  2. Inflammation

These two factors are responsible for inhibiting the efficacy of your collagen peptides. 

Decreasing its efficacy by between 60%-100% in most ageing adults.

It is therefore essential to take a strong (safe and preferably natural) antioxidant and anti-inflammatory product with your collagen peptides.

Oxidative stress and inflammation have many causes;

  1. Environmental pollution,
  2. Sun damage,
  3. Illnesses and diseases,
  4. Smoking,
  5. Excessive alcohol use,
  6. Substance abuse,
  7. Medication,
  8. Lifestyle stress,
  9. Ageing,
  10. Genes.

and some more….

The answer lies in a holistic approach, taking all factors into consideration.

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